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Our Duke Health Logo

Duke Health uses a master logo to consistently and notably represent our organization.

Our master logo consists of the Duke Health shield, within a Duke Blue box, with the words Duke Health. The iconic Duke Health shield is our recognizable symbol for Duke Health. The shield within the Duke Blue box is unique to the Duke Health brand. Every logo within Duke Health uses the shield.duke logo

The Duke Health logo is the primary logo that should be used across all materials when possible. The full-color, horizontal version of the logo, shown above, is the preferred option used in almost all instances. 


Download the Duke Health logo (For Duke employees only)Request the Duke Health logo (For vendors working with Duke)

Other available logo formats

A reversed, white logo is available for use on dark backgrounds. This version of the logo includes the shield in a reversed format with a surrounding box outline.

Grey Logo




A black logo is available and should only be used on one-color materials, with the exception of one-color pieces that are Duke Blue. For Duke Blue one-color pieces, the reversed white logo should be used.

Black logo



A vertical version is available for use on items with limited space, like smaller specialty and giveaway items.

vertical logo




If you’d like to use the Duke Health logo on a piece of collateral, but you don’t have enough space to include the entire logo, using just the Duke Health Shield is an option. Do not use the Duke shield by itself, without the surrounding box.








Additional information 

Sizing and spacing info

Entity and consumer service logos

Many entities and consumer services have approved Duke logos that can be used on materials when applicable. 

Duke employees can also submit a request to create a new Duke Health entity or consumer service logo. Please review the guidelines below and then submit your request. Requests will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. Within 2-3 business days, you will receive either a high-resolution version of your logo or a follow-up email from Duke Health Marketing & Communications.

Qualifications for logo requests

  • Consumer-marketed services at Duke Health can request a logo. 
  • There is a 25-character count limit for all logo requests. 
  • Departments, offices, units, clinic locations or buildings are not acceptable for logo requests. These requests will not be approved. However, you can request a Department Lockup for departments.

Download approved entity and consumer service logos (For Duke employees only) Submit a request to gain access to Duke logos (For Duke vendors only)

Logo usage guidelines

Logos other than the Duke Health logo, approved entity logos and consumer service logos are not permitted to represent Duke Health.

Please follow these guidelines when using the Duke Health logo or other approved entity or consumer service logos.

  • Do not alter the logo
    • No alterations should be made to the shield or words. This includes changing the color of the logo, manipulating the height or width of the logo, or altering the words or the shield in any way.
  • Do not use two or more Duke logos together
    • You may not combine the Duke Health master logo with another logo, such as a entity or consumer service logo, within one marketing or communications item. On the front cover of a brochure, print ad or online ad, only one logo should be used. This logo should be either the Duke Health logo or an approved Duke Health entity or consumer service logo. 
  • Do not cobrand by using a Duke logo with an outside organization's logo
    • Duke Health does not allow endorsements for or cobranding with other organizations.
    • In a situation where Duke is sponsoring an event or award, one logo should be used to represent all the Duke groups participating. Most often, this will be the Duke Health logo. There should also be a qualifying line listed above the Duke logo being used with any outside logos. For example, "Sponsored by" or "Brought to you in part by." A line like this would be needed any time a Duke logo is used with an outside organization's logo. The logos should also be spaced adequately from each other.