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The Matrix

Using the MatrixThe Matrix

Duke employees may download the matrix files directly from Duke Box. If you are an approved Duke vendor, you may contact us for the matrix files to use on your design. A final review is required to ensure the matrix is being used correctly on all materials developed by employees or vendors.

Using the Matrix

The matrix with the shield

The matrix provides the background for the Duke Health shield. The matrix was designed to be applied in conjunction with the shield. Always strive to use the two graphic elements together. The matrix should be applied to covers, fronts or the most prominent areas of the communications piece being designed.

Matrix Size and Scale

The scale and size of the matrix will vary depending on the size of your composition. Most matrix graphics can be flipped to work in a flush left or flush right application.

Matrix Bottom Edge

Some matrix graphics have a hard edge on the bottom and some have a softer feathered edge. The hard edge matrix provides a solution when the matrix butts up against an image or a color bar. The feathered edge works best when you want the bottom of the matrix to fade into an image.

A hard bottom edge should be used when the bottom edge of the matrix butts up against a hard edge of another graphic element or photograph. The feathered matrix should be used when trying to achieve a subtle transition from the matrix to a photograph or background.

Acceptable Background Applications of the Matrix

The matrix can be placed over three approved backgrounds. White, Duke Sky Blue or approved photography. 

Approved Matrix Backgrounds

Only three background applications have been approved for an overlay of the matrix graphic: approved photography, white and Duke Sky Blue.

When the matrix is used over photography be sure to include the matching mask behind the matrix. The matrix can be used over a solid white background, but not variations of white or off whites. When placing the matrix over a solid color background, only Duke Sky Blue can be used.

In relation to the background, the matrix should command the most real estate. Never use more Sky Blue than matrix.

Proportion of Shield to the Matrix

There is an established relationship between the size of the matrix and the size of the accompanying Duke shield. Note the examples as a reference when applying the Duke shield to any given matrix graphic.

Clear Space Around the Shield

When placing the Duke shield over the matrix, an established border should be maintained from the edge of the shield to the edge of the matrix. After determining the appropriate size of the shield, scale it back 80% of that size and use that as your guide.

Matrix use on a white background

The matrix can be used on a white background. This arrangement can be applied to materials like internally facing collateral or informational handouts.

Matrix applications to avoid

  • Avoid screening back the matrix. The matrix is transparent, but should be used at 100% opacity. This ensures that the colors remain consistent. The mask is provided to lighten the area behind the matrix.
  • Don’t use the matrix without a mask. The matrix without the mask lets too much of the background image to show through.
  • Avoid using only part of the matrix. Different sizes are provided that should work in different applications.
  • Avoid changing the color of the matrix.
  • Avoid using the matrix over a face or a very complicated image.
  • Avoid placing the matrix in such a way that it obscures a face or other key elements of the photograph.
  • Avoid using the matrix horizontally. The matrix was designed to only work vertically. Never rotate it in any way.
  • Avoid placing images over the matrix except for the Duke shield and/or reversed type.
  • Do not use colored graphics or text over the matrix. Only white type and the reversed Duke shield are to be used.
  • Do not place any type of photographic element or illustration over the matrix.
  • Never change the color of the matrix. Always use the approved blue matrix files.

Request the matrix files