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Office of Community Health

The Office of Community Relations is now the Office of Community Health. We support Duke Health’s mission and vision to advance the health of people in our community, and promote good will through excellence, integrity, teamwork, respect, and innovation. The Office of Community Health helps people better understand the health care system, connects patients with departments or resources, and supports local communities through service projects and grants. We also encourage regular community involvement from our providers and staff. 

Building and Sustaining Collaborative Relationships

Our core purpose is to establish and develop connections between the Duke University Health System and the communities we serve. Our partnerships with educational institutions, nonprofits, and other local organizations reach throughout Durham and the Triangle to improve health outcomes for residents and make our community a better place to live. Our staff serves on a variety of local boards and committees, and we coordinate with Duke employees to participate in community events and initiatives.

Principles of Community Engagement

As we develop programs and services to improve health care outcomes and reduce disparities, input from our community is necessary to make sure needs and concerns are addressed. Our Principles of Engagement guide explains how we bring together the public, health care professionals, and local leaders to collaboratively develop programs that benefit Durham and its residents.