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About Our Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan

At Duke Health, we are committed to delivering tomorrow’s healthcare today. As we define the next generation of patient care, we seek to establish new standards for outcomes and safety that fully engage patients and their loved ones with dignity and compassion. We will achieve our vision through five goals that are purposeful, aspirational, and uniquely Duke:

  • Foster Joy in Work. Promote a nurturing environment that is diverse, inclusive, and just — where everyone is deeply connected
  • Lead in Clinical Excellence. Design and deliver remarkable, high value, personalized, and precise care, powered by advanced data sciences, clinical innovation, and a culture of kindness.
  • Forge Our Digital Future. Create cutting-edge digital health services that are customized, convenient, high quality, and accessible to all.
  • Build an Indispensable Network. Build unrivaled, seamlessly integrated health networks as the preferred provider and partner.
  • Advance Health Equity. Establish health equity as the foundation of quality and promote the health and well-being of our communities, as we address the social and behavioral drivers of health and eliminate health disparities.

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Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan
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