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Community Benefits and Support

Duke Health works every day to address community needs, from enhancing the understanding of the health care system and how benefits patients, to increasing access to resources. Our team provides thousands of dollars each year to improve the health of those in need.

You can view Duke Health’s annual community benefit contributions in our annual report.

Community Needs Assessment

In addition to a shared institutional effort to support our communities, Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, and Duke Raleigh Hospital also create individual reports that detail how they care for patients and the community.

Building Healthy Communities Grants

Our commitment to advance health and well-being of all includes the support of community-based organizations and initiatives. Led by a funding committee of leaders from across the Health System, our grants can be used for at least one of these focus areas:

  • Creation and support of affordable housing 
  • Early childhood education, counseling, and health and wellness
  • Food insecurity and to provide food as part of community events
  • Improving community health 
  • Economic Security
  • Supporting the arts and cultural vitality 

We provide two kinds of grants for organizations who are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code:

  • Goodwill Grants: Applicants can apply for up to $15,000. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. For more information, see these details.
  • Charitable Grants: Applicants can apply for more than $15,000. These grants are reviewed twice a year and should be completed by May 1 or Nov. 1. Review of applications take place during those months only. For more information, see these details.

You can apply for either of these grants using our application form. For additional information, contact Darla Wohlfarth at 919-684-5435 or

Duke Health Charitable Grants Funding Committee

Our diverse group of leaders from across Duke Health administer grants each year. It's led by interim chair, Kathleen Galbraith, president or Duke Regional Hospital. Members include:

  • Rukmini Balu, Chief of Staff, Chancellor's Suite, Duke University Health System
  • David Bowersox, Associate Dean, Finance and Administration, Duke School of Nursing
  • Jill Engel, Associate Vice President, Duke Heart Services
  • Robin Famiglietti, Associate Dean, Duke Cancer Institute
  • Laura Huffman, Chief of Staff, Duke University Hospital
  • Suzy Johnson, Sr. Financial Coordinator, Duke University Health System
  • Catherine Liao, Associate Vice President, Government Relations, Duke University Health System
  • Ralph McCaughan, LL.B., Associate University Counsel, Office of the University Counsel
  • Paul Newman, Executive Director, Private Diagnostic Clinics
  • Rob Odom, Vice President, Marketing, Duke University Health System
  • Thomas Owens, President, Duke University Hospital
  • Stacy Palmer, Associate Dean, School of Medicine
  • Camille Grant Valentine, Administrative Director, Duke Raleigh Hospital