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At Duke Health, we treat people with respect. We value each other’s differences. We care for each other through kindness, inclusion, and compassion. We do this because it’s the right way to be—and because it’s an essential part of making this a great place to care, teach and discover. Learn more about our commitment to diversity, here.

Some team members may choose to demonstrate their personal commitment by wearing visible support for veterans, racial equality or LGBTQ+ pride. Others may choose to use electronic resources such as email taglines and Zoom backgrounds. Duke Health encourages such support as long as it is pre-approved and directly relates to our core values of diversity, inclusion, and teamwork.

If you are interested in proposing additional offerings for wearable or electronic support, see below for the process to submit a request.

Process for requesting collateral for social awareness

To demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, in the fall of 2020 we developed Duke Health approved, email taglines, Zoom backgrounds and wearables to support racial equality. We created similar resources to support our LGBTQ+ community. To further our commitment to inclusion and belonging, below is a process for submitting a request to develop additional DUHS-approved collateral in support of other social awareness causes. 


  1. Team members requesting electronic taglines/logos, Zoom backgrounds or wearables in support of a social cause will be required to submit a Request for Electronic or Wearable Social Awareness explaining the request, the intent and how it will be used.
  2. To move forward, all requests must align with the DUHS Values of caring for our patients, their loved ones and each other; Excellence, Safety, Integrity, Diversity and Teamwork. Requests submitted are required to clearly outline/explain the alignment between the request and our DUHS Values. Please visit Moments to Movement FAQ for additional information on Moments to Movement and Duke’s commitment to an inclusive environment.
  3. Electronic or wearable support should be applicable across DUHS and not department specific. (Specific department or team names cannot be included.)


  1. Request for Social Awareness Electronic or Wearable Support is on the Duke Branding Center website.  Applicants must obtain their supervisor’s approval prior to submitting to his/her entity HR Leader for further review.
  2. All requests will be reviewed by Human Resources and Duke Health Marketing and Communications and approved by DUHS Senior Leadership.  Please allow up 30 calendar days for the review and decision process.
  3. The requestor will receive an email stating the outcome of the request review:
    1. The approval time for electronic or wearable Social Awareness support will vary.  If a request is approved or denied, requestors will be contacted by a member of the Human Resources or Marketing and Communications team.
    2. Completed and approved requests will be located on the Duke Branding Center website for download.
    3. If requesting wearable support, the timeline is variable and based on manufacturing and distribution time. 
  4. For questions about the request process, please reach out to your entity HR leader.