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Duke and Santillan Family Reach Settlement


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The following is a statement from William J. Fulkerson, M.D., chief executive officer of Duke University Hospital, regarding the settlement reached between Duke University Health System and the family of Jesica Santillan.

"Duke University Health System and the family of Jesica Santillan have reached a settlement. Under order of the court, the agreement is sealed and neither Duke University and its representatives nor Ms. Santillan and hers are permitted to discuss the specifics of the agreement. We believe the agreement the court has approved is fair and equitable for both the Santillan family and for Duke.

"We mourn the death of Jesica Santillan and remain committed to learning from this tragedy to benefit others. Duke University Health System has established additional patient-safety programs to ensure that the procedural errors that occurred in this case cannot be repeated. Equally important, the safety of the nation's organ transplant system has been significantly strengthened. All who will receive life-saving organ transplants in the future will benefit from these important changes."

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