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Pediatric Heart Patient Embraces the Spirit of Giving


Shawn Rocco
Shawn Rocco 919-668-0994 Email

Paige Sullivan, 9, was born with a heart defect and had it repaired at Duke University Hospital in the summer of 2016. Her family and doctors called her a little superhero and got her a cape.

Paige decided other sick kids needed to embrace their inner superheroes and has since made hundreds of capes to give to kids in hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. She's also writing a book for kids, to help them understand and not be afraid of their hospital experiences.

“I think the best way to describe her current health is, you would never know we did anything to her,” said Duke pediatric cardiologist Angelo Milazzo, MD, who treated Paige. “She’ll be able to play any sport she wants. She’ll be able to participate in any extra-curricular activity she wants in school. She can hold any job; she can do whatever she sets her mind to doing. And knowing her personality, I have no doubt that she’ll do all those things.”

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