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Duke’s Accountable Care Organization Receives High Quality Score


Alexis Porter
Alexis Porter
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DURHAM, N.C. – Duke Connected Care, a physician-led provider network, generated significant value for Medicare, reducing costs for its Medicare population by 3.7% and saving its Medicare population $19 million in 2022. In the last six years, the provider network’s value-based, high-quality programs have resulted in more than $98 million in savings for its Medicare population.

In addition to the cost saving efforts, Duke’s accountable care organization received a 86% quality score in the most recent assessment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The CMS performance results are determined by such factors as patient experience, care coordination, disease prevention, and outcomes for patients with chronic disease. Cost efficiency is a measure of how well the provider network provides care for its Medicare beneficiaries throughout the year.

“Despite the challenges facing health care providers, Duke Connected Care has remained unwavering in its commitment to serve its patients and community by providing high quality and cost-effective care,” said John Yeatts, M.D., executive director and chief medical officer of Duke’s provider network. “I think these results reflect that commitment.”

Duke Connected Care is comprised of health care providers focused on improving the quality of care patients receive. Physicians from Duke clinics and hospitals work with community practices across the region to coordinate efforts and address rising health care costs.

“A culture of collaboration and a focus on quality improvement across the network has allowed us to deliver the best care possible to our Medicare patients,” Yeatts said. “Duke Connected Care’s integrated network of providers has delivered excellent results over the last several years, positively impacting the lives of our patients and the communities that it serves.”

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