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Duke University Hospital Patient Bonds With Nurses Over Music


Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez 919-724-5934 Email

"There are people who are good at their job, and then there are people who are meant to make a difference in the world." That's how Molly Oldham describes the impact that our nurses had on her life after she was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer at the beginning of her freshman year of college. Every day, Duke nurses go above and beyond to care for our patients. And patients make a difference in their lives, too.

Molly was a patient who "rocked their world." And the feeling was mutual.

As Molly says, "Even when I felt horrible, they found a way to make me feel like me." We salute all of our nurses during #NursesWeek. They deliver remarkable care to our patients, their loved ones and each other.

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