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Duke to provide chemical information to affected patients


Duke Health News 919-660-1306

In the letter we sent to patients on Monday, June 27, we explained that
Exxon-Mobil provided the chemical ingredients of the hydraulic fluid to Duke
on June 7 with the condition that this information be made available only to
the scientists conducting the chemical analysis on Duke's behalf. On June
27, Duke with Exxon Mobil's ok, agreed to a court decree to provide the
information directly to seven patients and their attorneys in a court

The information in our letter was accurate at the time it was sent to
patients. We are pleased that on the evening of June 28, Exxon-Mobil
notified Duke through our attorneys that we are now free to share the
information with all patients without the need for a confidentiality
agreement. We will provide this information to affected patients upon their
request. Interested patients should call our information hotline at
919-286-3232, ext. 223.

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