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Duke Palliative Care: Anjar's Story


Cameron Knowles
Cameron Knowles
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Duke Palliative Care focuses on caring for patients with serious, life threatening illnesses. Anjar Hossain’s palliative care team learned about his love of wrestling and connected with DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling to create a special opportunity for him during treatment.

“We recognize that meeting the needs of our patients includes supporting their goals and interests as more than a patient,” said Dr. Lisa Pickett. “We see Anjar’s spirit rise when he watches these folks wrestle.”

“The great joy of palliative care is helping our patients reconnect with life on their terms,” said Dr. Wil Santivasi, a palliative medicine specialist. “It was our privilege to work with Anjar, his family, and the rest of his medical team at Duke to get him to the Carolina Classic.”

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