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Duke employee's art reflects managing his bi-polar disorder

Arts & Health at Duke recently featured a Duke employee-artist’s largest multi-media exhibit. Curators say it’s the broadest scope of work by one artist they’ve featured to date, encompassing two- and three-dimensional works, textiles, poetry and music.

Cole Klovski III is the operations coordinator for the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke at Chesterfield. The 10-year Duke veteran says his creative works are ‘mood dependent’. He shares how his art helps him manage bi-polar disorder.

“My art takes my soul out of turmoil, pain and mania and places it into a place where I can see, feel and work with color and texture and express myself. It channels a bad situation so I can experience, as close as I can, peace.”

The exhibit was featured in the Arts & Health Galleries at Duke University Hospital through July 7th. It included 37 pieces of work. See individual pieces here:

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