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Attention Travelers: Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage for Spring 2008


Duke Health News 919-660-1306

All travelers who have recommendations or requirements for
yellow fever vaccines on their travel itineraries need to
contact licensed yellow fever travel clinics as soon as
possible if they are traveling prior to June 2008.

This is especially important if the vaccine is required for
a visa application, due to the processing time involved. As of
early March, there are no single dose vials available from the
vaccine manufacturer.

Historically the manufacturer has rationed very small
quantities of single dose vials to travel clinics through the
spring months due to high demand, and a normal supply has been
available again by summer.

The Duke International Travel Clinic has successfully
managed similar shortages of this vaccine for many years.
Multiple dose vials are currently available, but they are
useable for only one hour after opening.

This means that all new patients with one-hour appointments
should anticipate not receiving the vaccine during their
initial consultation. They should plan on returning on a
separate date and time when there are enough travelers present
at our primary clinic to use the multiple dose vials.

Patient flexibility, patience, and pre-planning will be
required to manage this shortage successfully.

The Duke International Travel Clinic apologizes for any
inconvenience this may cause. The inconvenience is necessary to
assure that all vaccine is utilized to benefit as many patients
as possible.

Established patients that only need yellow fever vaccine or
travel groups that need this vaccine should call the clinic
directly at 919-681-5422.

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