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Detailed information for photographers


We encourage photography that has a warm look and feel. To achieve the warm look and feel in your photography, apply a Duke Yellow overlay layer in Photoshop at approximately 5-10 percent opacity, with multiply turned on. Adjust images in CMYK before converting to RGB for digital applications.

Warmth can also be applied in Camera Raw by adjusting the temperature settings.

Circle images

To keep in line with our modern, progressive Duke Health brand, the use of circle photos in marketing materials allows for more open space in layouts, and brings a fresh approachable feel to the brand. The circle photos can be used for patient, clinical, employee or support images. Cropping can be centered or asymmetrical. The warm color application should be used for photography with circle cropping.

Knockout images

When knockout photography is used, photos should be cropped mid-chest. Use a thin rule to anchor the image. The warm color application is not necessary in the knockout application. A neutral color is preferred to maintain the crispness of the image.